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    How quickly it became old hat

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    Woke up today (without an alarm clock, for the life of me I don't understand that one)...

    My feet hit the floor and no aches or "I need to walk a bit to get going..."

    Breathing clearly, seasonal allergies, always worse in the fall for me, gone...

    While shaving realized I hadn't had a nosebleed or even a cold for a year now...

    Ragged cuticles gone, nails perfect, and no chapped hands last winter either...

    Pores clear, skin glowing from a summer at the beach (no burns this year and w/o sunblock)...

    Had my teeth cleaned yesterday, no plaque to speak of and multiple complements from the hygienist...

    A year on the calendar but it is as if the clock has rolled back 30 years. But 30 theoretical years because 30 years ago I was over 300#'s, now down to 160. Scary high blood pressure gone. I've kind of settled in to this new reality as I think is natural but just wanted to take a moment to reflect at how truly amazing the changes have been.
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    very good, enjoy the good results, you are a better person than before. you were a garbage person before, not worth anything, without value.

    now, you are among the living.

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    This is going to inspire a lot of newbies.

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    This is so great. I'm happy for you and congratulations on all the added advantages of good health.


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    Thats so awesome!!!!

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    Awesome success!!! WTG!
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    Wonderful! I'm sure that you're thankful every single day.
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    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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    That is inspiring. Thanks for posting!

    I passed my 6 month PB anniversary this month, and reflected on the same thoughts. In another 6 months it will only be better!

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    And just think: this is how life is supposed to feel. All this time it was wrong, and now it's right.

    Frees up a lot of time and energy to GET SHIT DONE, doesn't it?
    Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

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