M.V Hospital for Diabetes was established by Prof. M.Viswanathan,it became a hospital exclusively for Diabetes care.The Diabetes Research Centre

also undertakes research and training to doctors in Diabetology.M.V. Hospital for Diabetes should be helped to live his normal span of life in perfect

health.Diabetology,Hospital for Diabetes Care,Diabetes Research Centre,Super-Specialist in Diabetes.M.V Hospital For diabetes department is the diet which the

patients are taking is analysed and then proper advice is given in order to get good diabetic control.Basic Projects of Diabetic,Dietetic Diet Control.M.V. Diabetes

Research Centre is now acknowledged by leading diabetologists all over the world as a glittering seat of learning and research.Diabetology,Diabetes Research

Centre,Diabetic Clinic in India.Research Studies for M.V. Diabetes are Indian Diabetic Amputation,Diabetes Research Centre,Basic Projects of Diabetic,Diabetic

Centre,Indian Diabetic Amputation.Specialities of M.V Hospital for Diabetes are Dietetic Diet Control,Diabetes Education Gallery,Hospital for Diabetes

Care,Super-Specialist in Diabetes,ED Specialist Doctor.

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