This motto, which happens to be the motto for parkour, has motivated me to become the best I can be in terms of health and fitness. I wanted to start this journal to keep myself accountable, probably just like everyone else. I also hope to meet some like minded people who can help me become more knowledgeable about Primal eating.

I'm a nurse aid and full time student, which makes affording all the food a little bit of a struggle, though my portions will probably be down from necessity. I've gained about 20 lbs in the past 2 years, mainly going through the death of my mother, a major move, new job, trying to keep my grades up, and work enough to pay my rent. I started at about 113lbs and 17% body fat, which I was comfortable with, but now I'm 127 and 28% body fat. I've lost a few lbs already but I'd wish it was fat! Also I'm a chick, that's why I think 17% is good lol.

I used to run but I do not really do that as much anymore. I'm now doing cross fit about 2xs a week and parkour whenever I can, which ends up being more like play then a serious workout. My job always keeps me moving and on my feet, not to mention the occasional full grown person I lift.

My personal challenge is going to be an initial 30 day total experiment. I haven't gotten the book yet but I ordered it so hopefully I'll know all the little details I'm missing soon when it arrives.

My diet today:
B- protien shake, coffee
L-spinage, mushroom, tomato, and bacon mini quiche.
D- pork stuffed peppers.

I'm in kind of a fog right now but I have been for a couple of months now so that's really nothing new. I'm hoping that this diet really helps improve my mental concentration along with athletic performance.