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Thread: Fiber and Carbs

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    Fiber and Carbs

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    When calculating the number of carbs consumed for the day, does fiber play a roll in that calculation? Some food labels have "net carbs" on them....subtracting the amount of fiber from the carbs....So, for example, if I ate 80 grams of carbs from fruits/veggies and had 25 grams of fiber that day would my carb intake be considered 80 or 55? I am trying to keep my carb intake as close to 50 as possible and it is not as easy as i thought it would


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    I just read about this in TPB, and Mark recommends calculating gross carbs. I forget the explanation, though. I don't retain information so well.

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    Mark recommends that because it's easier. It really makes most sense to calculate net carbs (total carbs - fiber) as fiber does not behave the same way at all.

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    Mark's Carb Curve is based on total carbs, not net.
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