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    Ok so I've been looking for as complete as possible listing of low glycemic fruits and veggies. All of the sites I have looked at list about 10 to 15 of each and consider corn, beans peas etc... as veggies and canned peaches as fruit. None of 'em even list avocado.

    Does anyone have a link or 2 they would share? I'm trying hard to live as primal as I can but I'm wondering if some of the stuff I'm eating is counter productive, if I'm getting too much of some, or eating them at the wrong time.

    Been primal for about 6-8 weeks now and feel like I should have lost a little more than I have. Maybe not. I don't have a scale but have gained back 2 holes on my belt and need to punch another now. Anyway, back on track. Any links would be greatly appreciated. Also if someone could share a way to search this forum for posts or subjects that would be really cool too.

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    Corn is a grain. Beans and peas are legumes.

    Maybe you should just Google vegetables, fruits, and legumes and get an idea of what they include.

    Basically if you are trying to lose weight as quickly as possible, you should simply stick to green leafy vegetables, protein from meats and eggs, and fats from meat, eggs, fish oil, and coconut and/or palm oils. Avoid starchy vegetables, legumes, all fruits and of course grains. That's it. Avoid everything else.

    You could cycle between high and low amounts of fats and/or include intermittent fasting. That will get you the quickest fat loss.

    Also, regarding glycemic index or load. It really does not matter because once the carbs are converted into blood glucose, it takes the same amount of insulin to deal with it on a gram for gram basis regardless of whether they came from low or high glycemic carbs. And since you are trying to lose weight, keeping insulin as low as possible is what you need to do. So you need to avoid as many carbs as possible if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible.

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    There you go

    The second one is huuuuge

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    Do not get obsessed with the Glycemic Index. Something can contain a LOT of fructose and not have a high GI

    Fructose does not raise blood glucose in diabetics, but it will raise triglycerides and make them fat. Choose low carb fruits, and move on.

    The GI is such TOTAL B.S.! Look in the diabetic section at the grocery store some time. Plenty of actual sugar the form of FRUCTOSE.

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    I think Mark touched on this in his book? I forget.

    If you choose to eat fruit on a regular basis, stick any of the berries (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, black rasberries, red rasberries, and even cherries)

    And veggies, anything green usually means little to no starch.

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    Thanks for the replies. GotPrimal Mark did touch on it in the book which I am a little over half way thru. He said If your going to eat fruit, and he did list some berries being the top choice, choose low GI fruits which is why I asked. I live in western KY and there's nothing growing here now but I wanted a little something for the sweet tooth that I am still having cravings for.

    Astrogirl you may be right. I know I don't know. Thought that low GI plants were the way to go.I've been eating mostly meat, eggs, mix of walnuts, almonds, and pecans. I do have some cheese on my eggs, and an occasional very small cup of milk. Veggies are gr beans, carrots, onions, avocados but don't know if thats a fruit or veggie, spinach, leaf lettuce, brussels. I use butter for cooking with. Haven't been able to go organic because of financial restraints but summer is coming and between my garden and the locals I will have plenty of good plants soon. Planning to learn how to can so I can have them all year round from now on.

    I know that I should be getting more variety and volume of veggies but I'm still working that out. It's a little hard for me to find stuff besides meat for lunch because I work outside as a lineman and I have no ability to heat anything for lunch. Right now it's kinda cold to take salads so cold meat it is. Been trying to convert Mrs. Ironhead but no success yet. I'm not trying to make excuses and I know I'm not the only one that works outside so if anybodies willing to share any ideas I'll gladly listen and try them out.


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    It's really complex, ironhead. The GI would be responding mostly to the glucose within any fruit's sucrose, but then so many fruits have much additional fructose, which will not register in blood sugar counts. Think apples.

    The least sugary fruit is carambola, or star fruit. However, it's expensive and not all that interesting. Probably because of that low sugar! I get all I want from a neighbor's tree, but find myself not eating a lot.

    I do also indulge in grapefruit.

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    Yeah I guess I'm gonna just go with meat, nuts, eggs, and some veggies for now. Like I said nothing is growing here right now so that's about all Grok would have to choose from in my neck of the woods this time of year. Need to finish the book, stick to the plan and go from there.

    Thanks for all of the replies.


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