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Thread: What happens to extra fat?

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    I think it would be very interesting for someone to "crowdsource" some population studies with tools like fitday. Here we have a large population who track their daily in/out and weight. There is lots of data there, types of foods, types and duration of activity it would be very interesting to study how the composition of diet and types of exercise effect weight. Highly anecdotal but it could be interesting none the less.

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    Dr. Eades is a idiot?

    Who are you by the way?

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    thanks to everyone for the various links. I have read through some and my head may explode but only because it is shattering conventional wisdom.

    ATZ, thanks for taking part in the debate and I will go through the links on page 1. Obviously, there are other scientific opinions on the matter and based on my unscientific study of one, for me and my body low carb with the occasional high calorie day works fine.

    Tarlach keep up the paleo way.

    Conan, good comments

    Serial Sinner, nice job to button it all up.

    Low carb, for me personally, works best for losing excess fat and keeping trim.

    The PB carb sweet spot up to 150 carbs a day through nuts, meat, veggies and fruit is the way of eating that I plan to keep.

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    I just have to say, I'm loving this thread. Glad I asked!

    Thanks for all the discussion... I'm learning a lot.

    Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.

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    The Colpo/Eades thing was a big drama. Colpo went a bit psycho at the time.

    In regards to nutrition you just got to do what works for you and not be afraid to question your beliefs and change things if it aint working.

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    Fascinating thread, and thanks all for your inputs.

    My observation, over many years in predominantly diabetes newsgroups and forums, is that some people actually *can* lose weight on the standard calorie reduced version of the high carb low fat diet. However the value of "some" is very small, compared to the value within populations losing weight on a non-calorie-restricted low carb diet (to a degree that should read self-restricted as carb/insulin levels and probably leptin are involved in reducing food consumption to a metabolically suitable level anyway)

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    Conventional wisdom. At least the American conventional wisdom of the postwar period, as the effect of carbohydrates on the body was well known in the 19th century and in early 20th century German research.

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    Ahh I see. The reason that the CW doesn't work (calorie restriction) as in the mainpart its because of retarded dietary recommendations (60% Carb, 35% Fat 15% Protein) by supposed knowledgable people. Carbs do stimulate a hunger response in some but in others they don't (more on this later) but they are not the devil here - its excess calories, although I'm willing to admit in 90% of Western Diets its the excess calories from Carbohydrates causing the problem.

    I posted this earlier in the thread, but if protein intake is sufficient (1-1.5g per lb BW) then it does not matter what the macro composition of the rest of your diet is in an hypocalorific setting. So, if a male 200lbs ate:

    200g Protein, 100g Fat, 50g Carbs for a 1900kcal total


    200g Protein, 33g Fat, 200g Carb for a 1900kcal total

    And he was active (working out, walking, daily job etc) his weight loss would be identical on both diets. He may perform better on one or the other however depending on activity level and phenotype

    Different phenotypes handle different amounts of macronutrients to different extents, some do better on a higher % of fat, others on a higher % of carbs, hence why we have such cultures as the inuit and the chinese on this planet (High fat right through to high carb).

    It comes down to calories, and to some extent protein. If a low carb diet helps you control calories as it helps with your hunger I'm all for it. But to say there is not another route is BS in my opinion. Been there and done it.

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