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Thread: miracle noodle: a stupid ploy?

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    Guys, stop being so hostile towards foods you don't like!

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    I apologize if I sound hostile, but the original question asked was whether the product was natural or primal. It satisfies neither of these, but was deemed a permissible part of the 20% allowance.

    My contention is with the statement that these noodles are somehow healthy or good for the body. Excessive fiber--particularly in a condensed, processed product--is actually detrimental to the body.

    However, just because something is detrimental does not automatically mean that it should be abstained from. Many of us consume alcohol and other substances that pose their own levels of threat.

    I am not protesting involving these in the diet if someone really desires the sensation of noodles, but it should be not be done under some false guise of the product being innocuous and healthy.

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