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Thread: The easiest diet in the world

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    CICO is true, but the problem is that energy requirement is not a constant. It changes based on input. What you can discover is the average energy requirement based on the given energy input. Reduce the input, the output will reduce. Yes you can lose weight, by reducing input, but its a very complex thing to do if you want to remain healthy while doing it.

    I prefer the simple way of not eating some times, and eating no (or reduced) carb foods some times. And sticking with natural foods. There are no other restrictions really. No calorie counting required just go with your bodies responses.

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    Hi, jwint and company.

    jwint, this may not answer your question, but the reason I don't eat sugar and starches (like whole grains and legumes, in particular) is because of the effect that they have on me. I do agree with you that if there is a calorie deficit, one will lose weight (both fat and muscle; the way to retain muscle is through activity).

    When I eat little to no sugar, I tend to eat less as sugar is metabolize way too quickly in my body and I find my appetite ravenous when eating it copiously. As for many of the starchy foods, like whole grains and legumes that metabolize more slowly than refined sugar... well, those often leave me bloated (probably due to their antinutrients), so I do tend to lean out overall when avoiding these things.

    Yes. You are correct though. One could lose weight on the Subway diet, like that spokesperson of theirs did... just by eating at a caloric deficit. However, he probably was not eating all that nutritive of a diet and he looks like a sedentary individual and appears to be skinny-fat.

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    I track calories, total fat, carbs, protein and daily weight religiously. I then use an exponential moving average to smooth the data since the daily fluctuations are less interesting than the trends. (Yes, I am a huge geek and no I do not work in the financial sector.) I do this so that I can have reliable data on how various factors play out for me.

    I have over a year's worth of good data. The result is that I know that given my current lifestyle/activity level/body composition I will lose weight if my calories are below 2,300 combined with carbs under 50g/day. I also know that I will maintain weight between 2,300-2,500 even with carbs holding steady and I will gain if my calories exceed 2,500. Yes, there are many other permutations of the above but you get the idea. I only know this because I track.

    In addition, I have found that eating something on the order of 60(fat)/30(protein)/10(carb), produces the best general levels of satiety and energy, which in turn allows me to maintain my calorie ranges. So while there is debate about whether a calorie is a calorie, it is currently one of only a handful of ubiquitous measures with which to gauge your own program.

    So, I say worry less about whether a calorie is a calorie in general and figure out what a calorie means to your body…

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    Im with Jwint on this one. The PB works because its very hard to over eat calories with protein and fat, thats why people dont need to count calories, they simply feel full all the time and end up eating less. Also you dont have the insulin spikes that come from carbs and you dont get as hungry. But this does not mean that because youre not eating carbs you can eat as much as you want. There are a lot of people on the forums saying they cant seem to lose weight or have even gained weight since going PB. Even Mark has said it, eating PB does not mean that it makes it impossible to gain weight.

    On Taubes, just as he has "the truth" on weight loss and how carbs make you fat, there are thousand other scientist that have "the truth" on how fat makes you fat, or how excess calories make you fat no matter the macronutrient. I mean everyone believes the research that supports their ideals. thats why you believe what Taubes says. But i assure you there is a a LOT of research saying that calories in = calories out, but you just dont care about that research, only the one that shows how calories in is not the same as calories out.

    Some of you accept the fact that you can lose weight with carbs, but say its not healthy. I disagree, what is NOT healthy, is losing weight with junk food, you can do it, but its not healthy, on the other hand you can eat carbs while eating whole foods, good meat etc and be very healthy. What is not making many people healthy is the quality of the food (Mcdonalds, trans fats, etc) not the carbs themselves. PB is about cutting carbs and eathing natural foods, not just cutting carbs, i bet you that if you cut carbs only, but eat mcdonalds WITHOUT THE BUN every day you would be just as unhealhty.

    On the simplicity of eating PB, well that depends on everyone, some people find it easier to cut carbs and eat till full, some people go nuts without carbs...So you need to do what works for you, it doesnt matter if you chose to go low fat, low carbs, what ever, as long as you are in caloric deficit, and can stick to your diet.

    Im chubby by nature, so ive spent the last 15 years trying every single diet, ive done low fat, low carbs, PB etc...I realized its very hard for me not to eat carbs. So i chose to maintain a caloric deficit, its easier for me, i eat healthy foods most of the time including carbs, and have the ocassional junk food. Also do 2 24hr IF a week which help with the weekly caloric intake plus the hormonal benefits. Right now im around 9% BF, this would be impossible if carbs made you fat.

    PS: carbs retain water, so when you cut carbs, you lose water weight the first few days, some people mistake this with fat loss.

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    Thanks Chima! Having been a lurker for several months, I am happy to be able to contribute to the conversation.

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