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Thread: Any yoga "experts" here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoebird View Post
    private lessons will run $75-100 per hour. I charge $100, and honestly, that's low for me, but i don't have a following here. well, i do now, but i didn't when i moved here.

    anyway, classes. . . easy way to get inexpensive ones is to do work-study.

    a lot of studios have odd jobs (eg, cleaning the studio) in exchange for yoga classes. i worked at one studio for YEARS just greeting people and taking their money before class, and got SO MUCH free yoga. Greet for one class, get two classes free! I often worked 3 or 4 classes a week, so that I could go to class every day. it was super-fun.

    so, ask around. at my studio, i have 1 student in each class who cleans our studio for us after class. you vacuum and dust and it takes about 20 minutes. you get class for free. seriously, it works well for us.
    Cool. That's sounds great. Will look into that.
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    I use Yoga Videos, Yoga Classes, Yoga Downloads - My Yoga Online - really inexpensive and great practices with loads to choose from, including workshops on specific areas.

    I would note, though, that I've been doing yoga for years. If you're a relative beginner, classes are definitely the way to go.

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