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Thread: Couldn't be happier (working on healthier)

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    Couldn't be happier (working on healthier)

    It's time to start, I guess...a journal that is.
    The trouble is, where?

    this summer I developed some crazy stomach issues that I couldn't figure out - horrible bloating, painful cramps, diarhea, and the worst was the acid reflux - it felt like my entire stomach was in my throat for weeks. I couldn't take more than one bite before I felt it. I had to sleep sitting up, and if I scooted down in the night stomach contents would come up. ick, I know. I tried some home remedies (pickle juice, ACV) and they helped momentarily - but it always came back.

    One of the worst things was the beer - I love craft beer, a good lager or stout, a crisp hoppy ale...mmmm. And my husband works for a craft brewery But I couldn't drink them without feeling like they were coming right back up! I began to think I might also have a candida issue...

    I talked to docs and nurses in my circle of family and friends and EVERYONE said to go get a prescription - or even take an over the counter daily acid reflux med... Not my style, I'm afraid - I would rather fix it myself (if I can)!

    On monday September 19, 2011 I weighed myself in the morning (165#) - showered and dressed -
    had coffee and oatmeal @ work and had a horrible morning of acid reflux, aching throat and the beginning of a migraine. I couldn't eat much lunch - salad with grilled chicken and diet coke, more acid reflux. During my lunch break though I researched my stomach issues and what I could possibly do to stop feeling this way. And I landed here at MDA. That night I ate the chicken breast and veggies (not the pasta). That night I felt better, enough to sleep flat and not be woken up by my acid reflux. It was still there - just not as bad.

    Tuesday: September 20, 2011 - weight (166# ugh)
    I ate primal all day and haven't looked back!

    By noon My acid reflux was gone...just gone.
    From that moment the bloating went down severely - I don't have a lot of cheats since carbohydrates (especially wheat or sugar) really make me feel bad! When I do I keep it really low.

    Today: October 17, 2011 - weight - 155#

    In the last 4 weeks I have lost 10#, I haven't measured - but I will tonight
    I have eliminated my acid reflux
    I have eliminated my stomach issues (most likely wheat related)
    I have increased my energy 100x!!
    I have been in a fabulous (almost euphoric) mood 90% of the time - didn't really feel carb flu'ish
    I can have the occasional craft beer without any ill effects ! yay!

    I'm not a very good journal keeper - but I do have a question or two:

    Leptin reset - is it necessary? I don't have cravings - I feel what I assume is 'true hunger' about 5-8 hours after a meal - so some meals I skip.
    Sometimes breakfast is minimal (this morning I had three pork sausage patties and was satisfied) or not at all - Is that alright?

    couldn't be happier (working on healthier)

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