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Thread: Couldn't be happier (working on healthier)

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    Just read your whole journal. I was interested because I saw you on the Iowa thread.

    Couple of notes: number 1, you inspire me b/c you're doing so well.

    Number 2, I have a meathead husband too who will be on board one day and off board the next. He asked for chinese last night. I got it for him, and then made my own. Check out my journal if you're interested. there's a pic of it. I'm frustrated with his perceived lack of effort, but figure he's doing better than he was.

    You're trying to work exercise in, and I'm trying to cut it back! I'm a half marathoner (former, is probably a more appropriate word) who was stuck on chronic cardio. It's been a difficult transition mentally b/c I feel like I'm failing if I don't exercise, but I think my lazy subconscience is LOVING it. I like lifting too, but right now I'm stickind with the 4 functional moves.

    I am starting week 4 and have lost a meesly 4 lbs (maybe... I keep bouncing around in the same 4 lb range). I try for IF. Right now I'm eating dinner about 7-8 pm and managing to hold out for breakfast until about 9. 13-14 hours isn't too bad.

    I'm subscribing to your journal. I'm interested to see how your story continues.
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    Wow, it's literally been FOREVER since I was on here.
    I'm a shitty journallor...journal writer...whatever.
    lots has happened - weight slowly and steadily going down. -
    an odd thing happened during a trip to mediterranean though. 7 day cruise followed by a week split between Barcelona and Rome and I decided before I went that I was going to not worry about eating - I would make the best choices I could, but I was still going to have some excellent in the place it was invented..etc. I just minimized it.
    I was 152# when I left - ate and drank as much as I wanted, worked out a little, walked 10+ miles every day sightseeing. And I was 152# when I came home. As soon as I came home I hopped back on the paleo trail and I lost a pound a day...every day for a week. I now fluctuate between 147 - 150. It's gotta be the walking!
    Another thing that changed is I started a lot. maybe too much according to some ppl.
    3 days a week I do kickboxing - but I consider that play since I LOVE punching and kicking a heavy bag in the morning!
    2 or 3 days a week I lift weights
    and I walk still - but slowly, with the dog - a few miles a day.

    I'm thinking of taking some pics to post. we'll see.

    that's it I guess.
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