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Thread: Windows effect on UVA/B and skin cancer page

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    Hi folks!

    First post, been lurking awhile. Thanks Mark for a great blog!

    I was just curious whether anyone had seen this post on skin cancer and had any comments.

    Is this theory sound and what would be some corrective action if you work indoors next to windows.



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    Plausible, but not all indoor workers get filtered sunlight (I am in the middle of the office).

    Maybe it is just the lack of real sunlight that is the problem? or the artificial lighting, or too much coffee, or...

    You can always get a curtain, stick-on UV film or swap with another worker if you are worried.

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    Windows will have no effect on your skin. On the other hand, Macs will..........

    Oh, window's. Couldn't resist....sorry!

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    LOL, that was pretty good OTB

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