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Thread: Meat consumption linked to cancer? CW?

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    Question Meat consumption linked to cancer? CW?

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    after reading the PB book I started eating much more beef than before. I used to eat hardly any and have chicken/turkey instead, now I do exactly the opposite. I try to pick the best quality beef I can find (usually from Argentina, Canada or New Zealand), even if I can never find organic one, and I eat it almost every day. Is it too much?

    Also, I have read recently an article from a very well-known doctor (one that I would definitely trust) stating that meat consumption is linked to higher incidence of cancer. Should I worry or does this refer to just low-quality meat?

    And is picking beef from the countries I mentioned good enough, since I cannot find organic one?


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    Studies that have linked cancer with meat have not separated out preserved meats, low quality meats, burnt meats etc from the sort of meat we evolved to eat. They also often have two groups e.g. high meat intake (which has god knows what other confounding factors - were they slobs, was all their meat McCrap?) against high fruit and vegetable intake. They don't create a study that looks at meat in isolation, still less grass-fed meat. And the studies are usually retrospective, the lowest quality study. The doctor hasn't interpreted the research intelligently - this is very much "CW".

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    You cancer questions are answered here:
    How to tackle cancer | Jack Kruse

    It is low Vitamin D3 levels in your blood and the High Carb, Low Fat diet that promotes cancer. Cancer THRIVES on High Carbs.
    You need 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 oil based Gel Tabs daily to keep your immune system in good shape, then test your blood in 3 months to verify 70 to 80 mg. See my Vitamin D research below. Also see these links:
    Vitamin D Council - Order Test Kits
    Vitamin D optimization thoughts | Jack Kruse
    Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world

    So bottom line: High Carbs & Low Levels of Vitamin D3 spells not only cancer, but an entire constellation of HORRIBLE health problems. Deficiency in Vitamin D3 = severely deficient immune system = you WILL get sickly sooner or later = Russian Roulette with your health.

    Best to you,
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    Also, in the context of these studies things like pepperoni pizza and bologna sandwiches count as "meat". They're not studying people eating Primal/Paleo, they're studying the worst eaters of CW, and blaming it on the "meat".

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