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Thread: Primal is making me FAT!

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    i havnt read this whole thread, so apologies if anyone else has pointed this out, but from what im reading i dont expect so.
    fat around your middle is healthy, especially in middle age, studies have shown that people who carry a reasonable amount of fat can better cope with stress and illness, it has even been shown to prolong life by a number of years.
    it seems likely to me that the paleo-diet is working very well for you, fat storage is a natural function and you body is simply saving a wee bit of energy against a rainy day of no food or sickness where you cant eat.
    a few years ago i caught the dreaded swine flu(probably, i didnt seek medical help so we will never really know) for 3 days i lay in bed coughing continuously, and i do mean continuously, every second breath at best, i saw red, white, grey, yellow and green phlegm, i didnt eat, i did manage to drink water, but it was extremely painful to do so and trips to relieve myself and replenish my water were harrowing, nobody looked after me and i couldnt prepare any food, i did towards the end manage a bowl of 2min noodles with some frozen vegies, by the time i emerged i had lost most of my muscle and all of my fat, i actually got comments that i looked good from female friends, haha(im not overweight but i have a paunch).
    i think if i had been skinny i would not have survived that ordeal without constant nursing.
    so i consider that proof that fat is actually healthy, -having said that id love to have a flat stomach again .. sigh

    what are your reasons for concern about gaining fat?
    if its simply health i suggest you forget it, if its vanity... as you were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoS View Post

    1. So new training and sticky to four x week with walking no more than 45m-1hr 3-5 x week
    Strength x 3 workouts a week focus on compound exercises
    1 x HIIT which I thought could be a metcon from CF

    2. On the days that I train I thought I would re-feed with starchy carbs, such as sweet potato. I need to work out how much carbs sweet pot has. So this makes it 4 x week of re-feeding. is this ok do you think? not to much? I get totally confused with all the macronutrients etc. It helps me when I think, ok on training days just eat carbs post workout and non training days drop the carbs and eat fibrous veg???

    3. Just to clarify: Post workout meal on training days is carb re-feeding + protein and a drizzle of fat for taste. protein will be lean such as chicken, fish, tuna, kangaroo

    4. Do I still keep my pre workout meal just to fibrous veg and protein and fat still low

    5. than have post workout meal which includes the starchy carbs 5pm and than another meal 2 hours later? does this second meal still contain carbs? 7-7.30pm

    6. on rest days, drop the sweet potato and have fibrous veg and protein and up fat a bit more, so maybe I could have the macadamia nuts?
    Added some numbers to your post and am gonna answer them one at a time.
    1. I would still recommend an entire weeks layoff :P but other than that your training sounds reasonable as long as you make sure your strength training doesn't become a metcon neglecting rest and doing high volume/too many exercises.

    2. I think this sounds good with 4 x a week. Your idea of meal compositon is correct

    3. Correct

    4. Yes I don't think there is any reason to have carbs pre-workout if you had sufficient carbs after your last training session, certainly not for weight lifting. For metcons? It could benefit your perforance with a little extra carb, but again I wouldn't recommend playing with it just yet. Fat in this pre workout meal could be relatively high or low depending on the fat content of the rest of the days' meals as long as you reach your desired fat intake at the end of the day.

    5. Its up to you whether to have 2 meals pre or 2 meals post workout. If you opt for 2 post workout meals then again your goal is to just have the desired amount of carbs within these 2 post workout meals. So if you had all the carbs you need in your first post workout meal then you won't need any in the 2nd and vice-versa.

    6. Sure just be aware that nuts contain a noticeable amount of carbs aswell but as long as you stay under your limit.
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