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    Tea and honey... add rum or whiskey if you like...

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    When I get a sore throat I drink coffee with coconut milk, cinnamon and raw cocoa powder.

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    I've never heard of using hot water for a salt-water gargle. I've always used tap water. It's the same effect as bathing a wound in the ocean. Not sure exactly what it is, but the healing is amazing.

    Also- copious amounts of lemon tea- whether it's a tea bag or a squirt of lemon juice in hot water. Can be drunk with or without honey (but isn't everything better with? Particlularly when you don't feel well?) Also, honey does have mild anti-bacterial properties. Might not be a bad compromise given that you've got something in you that apparently shouldn't be there.

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    thanks guys i still feel like death even using some of your natural tips.... thanks for responding though and it looks like this thing may need to just run its course
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianag View Post
    Throat Coat tea made with Slippery Elm bark is amazing. You can find it in health food stores.

    Also take 15000 iu Vitamin D3 for 3 days to boost your immune system.

    I totally agree with Adrian.

    However, after 3 days at 15,000 IU then stay on 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 for 3 months, & get your blood tested to verify your ng/ml level is at 70 to 80. Adjust your dosage as required, each 1,000 IU change will adjust your blood level by 10.
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    I totally agree with Adrian.

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    What works for me is raw honey. Its got antibacterial properties etc. And it soothes my throat. Meat stock also helps.

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    I took a tbsp of coconut oil every time my throat got sore last year and it helped. Sorta let it just ooze down your throat.
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    The salt water gargle can work -- 1/4 teaspoon in 8 oz. of water. Cool to warm water. Not hot. It bathes your throat in an essentially isotonic solution and helps keep it moist. I've never been a big fan. Good broth is probably similar and also tastes better.

    Lately I've used elderberry syrup, but it is made with honey.
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    I amgoing to try some of theseand report back. My throat is killing me. Maybe I should start with the whiskey

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