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Thread: So..Are My Blood Results Good or Bad?

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    So..Are My Blood Results Good or Bad?

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    Hi, all! I received my lab results two days ago and immediately received a number of "I-told-you-so's!" I did a cursory search of elevated LDL cholesterol and also read a couple posts from Mark. After doing so, I felt pretty darn good. My numbers are high (and WAY higher than I have ever experienced in the past), but I'm catching on that there's more to the story than what these numbers represent. HOWEVER, I did read another couple posts that cast doubt in my mind... I am now confused. I am not sure if I should pat myself on the back or write my will. If any of you would be so kind as to give me direction or advice, I would greatly appreciate it!! (I'm frankly tired of having my family, friends, and doctor believe I'm killing myself.)

    I'm a 41 year old female who has been living primally since about the beginning of this year. I finally was able to order a few more specific tests than my last few ordinary, run-of-the-mill ones. Here they are:

    LDL PARTICLE NUMBER: 1814 (High) <1000 nmol/L
    SMALL LDL PARTICLE N: 212 <=527 nmol/L
    TOTAL CHOLESTEROL: 286 (High) <200 mg/dL
    LDL PARTICLE SIZE: 21.0 >20.5 nm
    LARGE HDL PARTICLE N: 22.5 >=4.8umol/L
    LARGE VLDL PARTICLE: < 0.7 <=2.7 nmol/L
    TRIGLYCERIDES: 38 <150 mg/dL
    HDL CHOLESTEROL: 104 >=40 MG/dL
    LDL CHOLESTEROL: 174 (High) <100 mg/dL

    HEMOGLOBIN A1C: 5.1 <6.0%
    CRP HIGH SENSITIVE: 0.4 0.0 - 7.5 mg/L

    My doctor called with my results and began with, "I have good news and bad news." She stated my ratios were okay; however, my elevated LDL was of concern to her and (here it comes) I should consider a statin. I should also, "...drastically cut or eliminate all animal fats and push massive amounts of fiber." Ummmm, no to all three.

    I am to retest in a few months and wondered if I even need to be worried. I am taking taking a few prescription medications now and they are hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone). I also now take Synthroid 50mcg. All of these have been relatively recently prescribed...

    I read Cillakat's post from last year, inputted my numbers into her ratios, and look okay from that standpoint. I'm just a bit concerned that my numbers are still pretty darn high (especially my LDL) --even for primal living!

    Thanks for reading this long post. I would love some feedback and ammunition for my loved-ones.

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    The good news? The LDL you have is of the big fluffy variety (large particle size) which is much safer than when it is of the small dense variety (small particle size).

    Also - hypothyroidism is a cause of high cholesterol, if you read the package inserts on the statin drugs, they say something like "first, reversible causes of high cholesterol like diabetes and hypothyroidism should be ruled out". If you are still being under-treated for your thyroid, your cholesterol may drop more once you get your dosage right.

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    You don't need to consider statins. Take a look at your diet - anything you can change there. Not that you need to but we can all make changes. What hormone prescription are you on? As GY said your hypothyroidism needs to be taken into consideration.
    Your triglycerides and HDL are really good.
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    Your total cholesterol is also under 300 and no study EVER has shown a relationship between high cholesterol and cardiac risk below total cholesterol of 300.

    Triglycerides are also a more important indicator and they are good.

    Your A1C is good! Well done! Very important.

    And the best news of all is that according to the Harvard Nurses Study, (women) you are actually more likely to live longer with high cholesterol than with low when you factor is ALL CAUSES of death.

    I think if you are worried just continue with the exercise plan and losing weight and getting fit. The body is marvelous at self correcting when you treat it right.
    Original wt: 375, Current, 246
    Total weight lost, 130 pounds (Took 2 years)
    Weight lost first week of low carb, 7.1 pounds
    Current: Deadlift 450, Bench 255, Squat 365, Run 4 miles daily, boxing and conditioning work
    Goals: Deadlift 502 (5 plates a side with bar), Bench 312 (3 plates/bar) squat 402 (4 plates/bar), run 10 miles, bw 200 lbs
    Cows have 4 stomachs to make grass digestible, we have one stomach to make cows digestible, and with that, neither can eat grain and become healthy!

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    Plus statins are not beneficial for women. Why take a statin to lower your cholesterol. Also if you interfere with cholesterol production your start to interfere with hormones.

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    Your cholesterol is similar to what mine was when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My doctor at the time said, while your total and LDL are high, with your high HDL it's not a problem. Also, a symptom of hypothyroidism is high cholesterol.

    Make sure your thyroid status is managed using freeT4 and free T3. You are on female hormones. Estradiol can bind thyroid hormones making some unavailable for the body to use. Testing frees will show the unbound, usable hormone. Your TSH can not be used/trusted to determine optimum treatment.

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    Thank you ALL for your responses!! Seriously, I am smiling knowing there are others out there that just "get it." My endo said I was borderline hypo, but I'll tell ya, this last winter was BRUTAL. I was so freezing, could barely walk up my stairs, etc. Miserable. She doesn't know why exactly my hormones essentially shut off (no joke, my levels were barely detectable in the sex hormone department). And I wasn't surprised when she put me on a low dose of thyroid as about 7-8 people in my immediate and extended family take the drug.

    Growing Younger: I do believe I read that somewhere, as well. I know we are tinkering with my dosage, so yes, perhaps things will level off when I'm "level."

    Sue: I eat pretty darn well, but DEFINITELY could make changes like eating less coconut oil/flakes/cream! Ha! That coconut cream is addictive! And, no, I will not even consider statins. I agree with you.

    BSW: I am definitely going to research this study, then show my parents and husband (along with all the post I have received from you all).

    Marcadav: Good to know. I think it's time I start doing more research on the ol' thyroid, too. I am not happy about being on Synthroid--have heard that Armour may be a better route, but this is where she wants to start. I, too, think I need T3 as mine was labeled very low. Now, my hair is falling out AND I'm still tired. That's for another post, I'm sure. Lovely.

    Thank you ALL for your responses. I need the encouragement and appreciate you taking the time to help me!

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    Your numbers are really good. Especially your Triglycerides and HDL so congrats on that. Before you start worrying about your LDL though Mark wrote an article about this and really clears things up. Give it a read, it's not too long.

    The Definitive Guide to Cholesterol | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple

    It's quite to the point.

    Good job on your good health!

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    Why are you taking both estrogen and testosterone? TSH is the BEST way to monitor the functioning of your thyroid gland. T3 and T4 fluctuate daily -- you can't rely on those numbers for ANYthing (unless you like to chase your tail).

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    Sulamar: Thanks for the link! I actually read Mark's Cholesterol Guide and felt pretty good about my numbers. Then....I read various posts that created doubt. That's why I wanted to post my actual numbers and throw it out to you all. I so appreciate the feedback. AND, I have bookmarked the link you sent so I can share it with others.

    Reflex: Yeah, not too pleased with taking ANY hormones, actually, but had been taking Estradiol and Prometrium for a few months and my testosterone levels didn't rise that much (lethargy, low low libido, etc.), so we recently added some in for a while. For example, one of recent tests came back as:

    FREE TESTOSTERONE (DIRECT): <0.2 0.0 - 2.2 pg/mL

    My reproductive endo doc has me taking a "pea" size amount of gel a day to see if symptoms are relieved. So far, not so much....but at least I haven't grown a penis or facial hair (kidding). (Oh, and I also have TWO different doctors: a regular Endocrinologist for my thyroid and a Gyno who specializes in reproductive endocrinology for my amenorrhea and sex hormones. Good times trying to coordinate the two..) Thanks for the info on TSH. I really have to educate myself about the throid--very new to me.

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