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    Don't like meat

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    I know primal is a very healthy way to eat, but the truth is, I just plain don't like meat. I hated it as a kid, and I hate it now. I've cooked it every way I can. Even 'good', expensive steaks at restaurants don't taste good to me. Can I still eat a healthy primal diet with minimal meat? I am willing to eat liver and seafood a few times a week, but that's about all I'm willing to go for, lol. I don't like eggs, and I think I may have a sensitivity to the whites, because every time I eat them they give me these horrible sulfur burps.

    I do love dairy however, and have access to raw dairy at my local health food store. Love milk and butter and cream, though I don't particularly care for cheese.

    Any help appreciated

    EDIT: I'm only 15, so nothing 'too' serious in the way of health problems. I'd like to lose a little weight (I'm not overweight, just want to tighten up a bit), and I have some rather achey joints, congestion, fatigue, etc, but nothing like some of the people on this board, lol. Most of my problems are probably gluten, homogenized dairy, and vitamin deficiency related. My diet as of now is fairly, er, horrendous. I also have high blood pressure, which is odd since I eat the same as my family and their blood pressure is all normal to low. I blame school stress...
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    Do you have any health problems you're trying to overcome? If not, continue eating seafood and learn how to properly soak and prepare legumes if you don't already. You should be fine.
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    If dairy agrees with you, make kefir. You can use store bought kefir to make it.

    If you go for legumes remember to always eat some animal protein with them.
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    If you've never liked red meat or other land animals - maybe they're not for you. Don't ignore your body, if it's been screaming at you for this long.
    Maybe you are more of a fish eater or even a light protein, heavier veggie eater.

    Eat your fish and raw dairy and lots of fresh veggies - see how you do on that.

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    Don't like meat? lol. That to me is incomprehensible! But each to their own! Advice already given seems pretty suitable. If you work out a lot definitely make sure you're getting enough protein to help your body recover.

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    Stick to fish and poultry, liver is awesome. But eat protein every day! You are a teenager with major needs for nutrients. If you can get raw milk incorporate that into your diet along with full at yogurt and cheeses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somebody View Post
    ...[snip]... but the truth is, I just plain don't like meat. ...[snip]...
    This is kinda like going to a Nascar forum and telling people you don't like cars....


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    I think you can do well enough on seafood and any organ meats you're willing to do. Eggs would be great if you could tolerate them. Have you tried other kinds, like duck eggs? Raw dairy is good too.

    Another way to sneak some protein into your diet is bone broth- or if you can't do that, add good quality unflavored gelatin to your diet. I think a tbsp is about 6 grams. You can put it in drinks if you don't want to eat it as gelatin. Add it to soups and such.

    How do you do with fish besides shellfish? Tuna, salmon, etc?

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    I agree with all the posters that fish is the way to go if you can't get your protein through regular meat, and dairy if you can. Liver is highly nutritious, so I am glad to see that you like that stuff.

    What kind of meats have you been trying? If you're talking basic chicken, beef, pork, I suggest that you try more uncommon meats like lamb, venison, and duck. They have much different flavors, and maybe you might like them.

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    Your high blood pressure could perhaps be diet related. BP is controlled somehow by a balance of sodium and potassium. Too much sodium or not enough potassium both can cause it, from what I understand.

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