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Thread: Primal diet and bucal health

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    Primal diet and bucal health

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    Do you take any special care? I am a bit shocked about what happened to me. I had a small cavity in one of my molars (which I hadn't checked with my dentist, I admit). SInce I started eating primal, or as close as I ccoul to it, like 2 weeks ago, this cavity grew at an astounding rate. It grew in 2 weeks what it didn't grow in one year or more. I have to admit tho that I am a bit lazy brushing teeth and stuff, and I have always been, but this was impressive.

    OK, so, besides visiting the dentist and brushing regularly, do you take any special care with your teeth?
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    Just the opposite. I am type II diabetic. Uncontrolled BG had my teeth and gums in horrible condition. 10 mos of low carb primal (I try to keep my carbs under 50g at all times because I need to lose weight and control my blood sugar) and my gums have healed and I have a lot less plaque on my teeth between brushings. I still have a few issues with some old fillings but things are much improved.

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