I buy in bulk (a month's worth of food this month, and here are my totals)

Fruits & Veggies - $68/month - Me and my roommate split a CSA Fruit/Veggie box. If I was alone, I would get it every two weeks instead, same price! It's roughly 12-15 pounds of produce per box, and I usually sub veggie for fruit.

4 pounds of organic, grass-fed ground beef - 5.99/lb (just found somewhere that will be 5.50/lb!)
2 pounds wild caught cod
4 cans of tuna, 2 cans salmon - $8
4 Avocado's - 3.29
"Family Pack" of organic chicken thighs/drumsticks (about 3 pounds)
Pastured Fat - FREE! (from Whole Foods butchers who usually throw it out..)
Canned Items this month: Marinara Sauce, Two cans of artichokes, two small cans green-chili.
3 dozen local, cage-free, Omega 3 Eggs - 2.49/dozen
EVOO - 5.99
Apple Cider Vinegar (for salads) - 3.99
= $80

Non-Essentials I bulk buy coconut oil/coconut milk from Amazon - which adds about $5-$10 monthly to my totals. Coffee/Tea

That's everything I get for only $37/week! And it could definitely be cheaper if switched out lower quality meats.