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Thread: Primal Journal (Bilowi)

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    Primal Journal (Bilowi)

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    I am newish to the Primal Lifestyle, I made one half-hearted attempt some time ago but never really got serious. I re-read Mark's book and decided that now is the time.

    I have been binging on chocolate bars and cookies secretly for some time. I had gotten to the point that I needed 4 sugar filled junk coffees a day just to make it through. By nightfall I was a jittery screaming mess. I screamed at my children and my husband. My nerves were on edge like never before in my life. I weighed in at 220 lbs. and I am 5'3". I feel like I am just dancing on the edge of diabetes (which of course runs in my carb loving, apple shaped family). I have two young children and I want to be around for them. So, unlike my younger years this really is about mental and physical health. I want those numbers to move on the scale but even more than that I want:

    1. Patience with my family
    2. To play and play with my toddler without being lazy (needing to sit, etc.)
    3. To not be a sugar fueled screaming maniac
    4. To not become diabetic and all that goes with it (I saw my grandmother die of diabetes, it literally ate her alive)
    5. To teach my children good habits
    6. To ease some depression and anxiet
    7. To sleep better
    8. To get back a sex drive
    9. To buy clothes that I like
    10. To not be insanely uncomfortable in social situations
    11. To go to the chiropractor (I don't go because I worry about what he thinks of my weight).
    12. To stop making fat jokes about myself.
    13. To enjoy my life

    and I'm sure much more

    I began my journey on Monday, 10/09/11 and although I'm having cravings for sugar I have toughed it out so far. My brain has really tried to convince me that I should give up and give in but I just eat a slice of meat or an egg fried in butter or coconut oil and move on.

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    Moving along nicely.
    Tomorrow will be
    Breakfast: Eggs fried in butter or coconut oil
    coffee w/2 TBSP cream
    Lunch: big a** salad with homemade dressing
    Dinner: Some yummy meat with veggies

    a handful of almonds when the mood strikes

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