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Thread: 2 vs. 10 coconut oil

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    2 vs. 10 coconut oil

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    I'm confused:

    "pure" coconut oil runs for 2 in the asian section of tesco, but 10 in the health food store. what justifies the price difference? is the 'organic' product really 5x better? coconuts come in SHELLS, after all....

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    This post should help unravel the confusion: Coconut Oil Health Benefits | Mark's Daily Apple
    There is quite a difference between the refined and virgin stuff.

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    When it comes to Coconut Oil, you really do get what you pay for. Not just in health benefits, but also in taste.

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    I use the 2 Asian stuff as moisturiser and eat the 10 stuff. Biona is my fave in terms of taste, especially if you can score the 800g tubs.

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