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Thread: Bovine fat

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    Bovine fat

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    I found a product called "edible fat" at the supermarket, its ingredients are "bovine fat, flavoring identic to natural, betacarotene coloring".

    Here are the nutritional facts (per 100 grams):

    Energía (kcal) 900
    Proteínas (g) 0
    Fat Total (g) 100
    Fat saturada (g) 52
    Fat Monoinsat.(g) 40
    Fat Polliinsat.(g) 8
    Ac. Trans (g) 4
    Colesterol(mg) 118 6 C.Disp.(g) 0 0
    Sodio (mg) 0 0

    Is this ok to fry food?

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    I wouldn't trust it. And it's easy enough to make your own beef tallow or pork lard to use.
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    Ac. Trans (g) 4

    I believe this would be labeled as partially hydrogenated on a US label, it's in most supermarket lards/tallows. To be avoided.
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