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Thread: What medical excuse can I use to eat paleo? page

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    What medical excuse can I use to eat paleo?

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    So I've visiting my friend in india and I don't want to offend his parents who will want to cook for me. I was thinking of telling them I'm intolerant to gluten and lactose so that would clear milk, ice cream, bread, pasta (and rice?), cakes and cookies but what other excuse can I give for not eating beans, sweets, and not eating too many fruits and potatoes?

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    Tell them you don't want to die like everybody else. J/K. Sometimes it's just better to say nothing and pick out the primal components of the meal.
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    From my experience with Indian people, if you don't eat rice while there you aren't going to eat much. My suggestion is to eat what they give you and not make up any stupid medical issues.

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    beans, rice, potatoes and fruit aren't the best things for you to eat, but they're not so bad. you're going to india to see a be a friend. throw the diet out the window for a couple of days and enjoy yourself, learning as much as you can about a different culture.

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    ^This. Eat what you want, skip what you don't. If you feel it's necessary, do a detox when you get back. But just enjoy your time there and don't stress about it.
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    Btw, eat with your right hand. Lefties get the shit end of the deal there. As for the food... Don't be a "that guy"
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    Youc an eat rice when primal, so just a smaller serve of rice and enjoy the food they are dishing up. As for the sugar, Indians (I know, I'm of Indian heritage) love to use sugar, especially for guests! I would probably say I have issues with blood sugar and bordering DT2, so you have an excuse to skip that. If you can stay clear of the sugar while you're there, I don't think the rice is going to set you back too much.

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    I will always be "that guy" no matter how hard I try not to be "that guy." If I always tried to avoid being "that guy" I would have an excuse to not eat paleo nearly everyday. People from other cultures, especially Indians, come to the United States and refuse to eat certain foods common to our diet. I don't know why we do not have the same right to go to another country and eat as we please. Despite my argument, I doubt I would risk disrespecting a kind host over this food issue.

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    My friends are Indian and they seem to make authentic Indian food (though Indian food is quite varied) and every single meal they ever served me had a base of rice. The only exception was a dish that had these flour pancake kind of things. Also, a lot of their dishes had lentils and beans in them. If you refuse to eat rice you will probably be a huge hassle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimhensen View Post
    The only exception was a dish that had these flour pancake kind of things.

    Probably Paratha. Delicious.

    I visit India often, and have in-laws there. It's tough. India has an extremely high rate of Diabetes-- in many cases, they've stopped cooking with ghee and bought into the western CW "lie" that vegetable oil is better.

    And the sugar-- don't get me started. Pre-sweetened chai is everywhere you turn. You can't even order it without sugar. I ordered an apple juice once (before I was primal) and there was so much sugar, the spoon was forming crystals, and even the rim was sugared. The phrase I have to say the most often when I visit is "no sugar, no sugar, no sugar..." It even ends up in curries.

    Very frustrating- my mom-in-law is a sweet lady, is pre-diabetic, and still takes tea with sugar, chapati, paratha, etc. And she's a nurse!

    I cook indian at home a lot for my wife, and it's actually quite easy to make primal (she gets rice and I just eat extra curried meat)-- but the "wrong" cooking oils are the biggest issue. At home, I pour on the coconut oil, olive oil or ghee-- Ironically, that's the more "traditional" way, but they've mostly switched to veg oil over there.

    Luckily, it's my mother-in-law's turn to visit next, and since she will most likely be cooking nearly every meal for us, I can simply tell her Olive, coconut, and ghee is all we have for oil! But the visits are very frustrating. Tough to eat primal while on flights for nearly 48 hours, then 3 weeks to tell mom-in-law what to do when cooking. Not a good position to be in as a son-in-law! They don't understand... so next time I'll probably just eat what's in front of me and blow up like a balloon.
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