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Thread: remind me why soy is bad- soy yogurt as a greek yogurt alternative?

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    remind me why soy is bad- soy yogurt as a greek yogurt alternative?

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    i want to love greek yogurt, but i'm lactose intolerant and can't handle the stuff. have recently discovered a soy yogurt (ingredients: Natural Spring Water*, Soya Beans (8%), Selected live cultures (Bifidus & Acidophilus)) which tastes delicious and seems to agree with me.

    someone please remind me why soy is bad?

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    Phytoestrogens is the main reason I stay away from it. Totally fucks with your hormones because they mimic normal estrogen and bind to the same beta receptors on your cells as other estrogens.
    It's probably a legume as well. Haven't checked cuz the tendency to grow man-hooters thing is good enough reason not to eat it.
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    U sure u cant handle regular greek yogurt? Especially the full fat kind?

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    If the soy was actually fermented to make the yogurt (which is not likely), I wouldn't see a problem with eating it. Soy beans are seeds and thus require special preparation in order to be made edible. In addition to this, soy is a GMO crop, and it's very hard to find soy products (especially processed soy products) that have not been contaminated with GMO soy.

    If you're lactose intolerant, try RAW cow or goat's milk yogurt. It might be a little less problematic.

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    people with high soy consumption are very much more likely to develop alzheimer's versus people who do not consume soy.

    again the estrogen effect as said above. babies fed soy vs breastmilk are found to have estrogen levels so high, it is the equivalent of taking 5 birth control pills per day.

    there is more.. but im at the end of a 12 hr night shift and am so tired i may actually die.

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    Try making your own yoghurt - it's really easy to do, and if you leave it to ferment for a minimum of 24 hours, then it will be lactose free (I do this for my lactose intolerant family). Then, if you strain it through a cloth in a sieve, you can allow it to thicken into Greek style yoghurt AND have some lovely whey to cook with, too!

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    You beat me to the punch. WAPF has written a LOT about soy and it's dangers. To me, there is no benefit (other than enjoyment of eating the food, if you like it) and only risk. So, why bother. Of course, I do OK with dairy so it's not a big deal for me to forgo all soy products.
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    soy gives you the man breasts, it makes you weak and stupid and ugly too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dado View Post
    soy gives you the man breasts, it makes you weak and stupid and ugly too.
    And it deletes your email and kicks your dog.

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