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Thread: Critique my daily menu

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    Critique my daily menu

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    Breakfast: 2 fried eggs in grass fed butter, side of sliced turkey (from whole foods in store made), boiled broccoli, cup of black tea with lemon, supp: fish oil, vitamin D

    Snack: grapes, apple

    Lunch: Left over beef stew (ingredients: beef, carrots, celery, onion, sweet potato, chicken stock, red wine, spices, olive oil).

    Snack: handful of almonds

    Dinner: Mark's style big ass salad (greens, tomato, cucumber, pepper, grilled chicken breast, olive oil, vinegar), supp: fish oil, vitamin D, magnesium (Natural Calm)

    Do I need to change anything from long term health and weight loss perspective. I already lost 30 lb, but would not mind to lean out more (from 4 pack to 6 pack).

    Exercise 4-5 times per week, HIIT and weight lifting

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    If you want to lean out more remove both snacks. Snacking will hurt your weight loss, nuts will hurt your weight loss, and fruit will hurt your weight loss. If you're happy where you are, keep doing what you're doing.

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