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Thread: Everyday movements = Exercise? What's your non-workout workout?

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    Everyday movements = Exercise? What's your non-workout workout?

    Over the years, I've heard about ways to make your routine activities become your workout. Not being one for setting aside time specifically to do push-ups and pull-ups, I would like to find activities that mimic strengthening/toning exercises without the routine and the boredom. Don't get me wrong, I am willing to put out an effort and I like to feel my muscles work, but I have some kind of mental block against what feels like gym class to me.

    I don't think Grok did a lot of calisthencs or weight-lifting sets either. I have a feeling that just getting through the day was plenty. Life has gotten lots easier and more sedentary, but I think there are lots of things we can do to make our everyday movements count.

    Some of the things I do now:

    1. While waiting for my water to heat for tea in the morning (or when heating something for a minute or two in the microwave), I do stretches based on yoga (sun-salutation-ish).
    2. While supervising the dogs outside (we have no fence), I either play chase with them, do some stretching, or throw in some jumping jacks.
    3. When walking the dogs in my neighbour's hay fields (only before and after the haying season), I sprint whenever the spirit moves me.
    4. When cleaning house, I turn vacuuming and mopping into a squat-and-lunge workout.
    5. When doing dishes (by hand - no dishwasher), I sometimes put one foot up on the counter to stretch or do pliés and relevés (all this from my old dance training).
    6. When sitting at my desk (my work is all on the computer), I try to do core abdominal work for a few minutes at a time.
    7. When folding clothes, I leave the basket on the floor and make sure I work the bend or squat as I pick up each item.
    8. My gardening time has been very limited this year, but in the past I have done a fair amount of ground breaking, pitch-forking, earth shoveling, compost turning and stone moving. I have great plans for redoing the gardens next year, which should provide a bunch of substantial spring workouts. Next week, I should have a few hours of garden clean-up to get the blood pumping too.

    I'm wondering what everyone else does with their Grok-like strength and agility in everyday life. How does your primal outlook affect what you do and how you do it? Do you apply the principles of conscious movement? Play with the kids? Chop wood? Do other manual work, for fun or a living? For that matter, what would be the most primal way of earning a living in the modern world? Something that keeps you in top condition with no need to think of a training program?

    Looking forward to hearing what others do and your suggestions to add to my routine.
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