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Thread: Shanster's gone primal...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shanster View Post

    Dunno why the unconventional stuff clicks with me but it does...
    I know for me, it is because the unconventional stuff is NOT boring. Regular popular 'workouts' just get so mind numbingly (<--is that a word?) boring!

    Keep up the great work.

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    Gulp - Crossfit anyone?

    I've been doing the Convict Conditioning... reading stuff as I said in a previous post. Feeling more and more like I need a program - something a little more organized to get me stronger.

    I went to a crossfit demo... I admit I had preconceived notions. That people would be in your face yelling, demanding more and I am simply unwilling to encourage that behavior... nor does that motivate me. The in your face stuff has the opposite effect on me... I will quit.

    And you hear the horror stories of people breaking bones, tearing ligaments, hurting themselves to be "bad ass". I don't want to risk injury and having down time due to recovery. I don't want to make breaks in my progress because I went WAY too far, too fast.

    So I went to this demo... but there were people like me there. No one screaming, no one in anyone's face. Everyone working at their own intensity level. Yes, there were people in obviously GREAT shape but there were also beginners trying. Everyone was working hard - but all within their own level of hard.

    I asked questions, met the coach, asked more questions.

    It looks a lot like what I've been doing with Convict - the high intensity, bodyweight movements with some olympic lifts thrown in. I want to learn the olympic lifts because much of what I read says you need to lift heavy to progress and build strength. I know Rippetoe's book is great and there are many YouTubes, however, I want to learn the oly lifts with someone's feedback. The crossfit place has a guy who competed in oly lifts and is certified level 2... so....

    My husband and I are going tomorrow for the first time 6am. I'm excited. Scared as it's unknown and it's a change - change is always hard, tho' I'm really looking forward to my improved strength by working harder and learning more.

    And I would NEVER have thought this kind of stuff would be coming out of MY mouth... never, ever in a million, ga-zillion years. Tho I have to say I feel the best I ever have in my whole little life.

    Yay primal!
    We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde

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