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    "If that means that people like Osa007 or Pikaia will never join my group -- I will consider that a bonus. "

    People like me? What did I say that was so awful?

    I posted one sentence on p3 this thread, and it was a sincere question. I have made no other comments on this thread or any other thread regarding leptin.

    My question was, "Why can't this conversation take place here?" It was an honest question. You've now answered it, and I wasn't planning to criticize your reasons.

    But now I'm representative of people you don't want on your group. Really? I'm the mean one?

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    Pikaia, you're right,. You posted your one question AFTER I had already answered it. My response to Steve was the *second* time I'd said it, and I just assumed you'd seen the first response about not wanting to duplicate effort and simply ignored it.

    I made an assumption about you, and I was wrong. I'm sorry. I hope you will accept my apology.

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