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    Wow, I am de-lurking to reply to this thread! Coconut oil makes me gain too! I see the affects almost immediately (It shows up in my face and belly, too.) I am just starting to navigate the fact that I am not a cast-iron dumpster that can tolerate all foods nimbly-bimbly. There are some that really elicit a negative response, and coconut oil is at the top of the list.

    It almost seems to be thyroid-related (?) When I made myself work through a good part of a jar I had purchased, (a mistake borne out of thriftiness), my hair got kind of brittle, my skin got dry, and my face looked pale and puffy, in addition to the increased girth. I also felt pretty, well, ...blah. When I replaced it with butter, I improved within days.

    I am so, so seriously interested to hear that someone else has an issue with it. We hear that CO is an amazing cure-all, (Libido! Weight loss! Glowing skin! Increased energy! Promotions at work!) that I feel a bit like a freak for the negative experiences. I do want to know if these are signs of food allergies/intolerances (again, new territory for me. I hate to think that I am anything less than invincible.) But, different strokes for different folks.

    Funny thing is, I have an Easter European ancestry as well. We thrive on animal fat!!

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    This is interesting. Coconut oil is anti-bacterial so maybe it is killing off something that negatively effects you? I have heard that virgin oil can be allergenic.

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