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Thread: nutrients and calories

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    nutrients and calories

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    Ok this may sound like a dumb question but seeing as I appear to be putting on weight I am going to track my food for a while just to see what's going on. I am going to use that new paleo tracker site which looks great.

    I have one question though, for those of you who track your food, when it comes to entering in data and cooking in oil, if I were to cook a meal for my family of 4 and say cook in 2 tablesppons of coconut oil would I add that 2 tablespoons of oil into my tracking, or would I split it into a 1/4 portion for myself as a rough guide. I can understand if I were to put that into my smoothie or something that I would have eaten that much, but for cooking purposes and when I am not eating all the food I cooked in the oil is that how I would track it properly?

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    Id just divide it by 4.

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