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Thread: Primal Musings - Northern Light

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    It turns out that the aurora display the other night was seen very far south. I just heard a report from an astronomy professor in Georgia, for whom it was the first time seeing the aurora. I hope that some of you got a glimpse of this rare event. It got a bit too cloudy here for a great display and last night we had heavy cloud cover.

    Have made a couple of changes. I have upped my dose of Synthroid on a trial basis (without doc's approval, yet), because I was feeling lead weights in my legs and arms again. This is a key sign of being hypothyroid for me, and as my goal is to thrive, not just survive, I took the initiative. For those of you in the same boat, my doc is one of those who believe that a TSH in the neighborhood of 3.0 mIU/L is just fine, even if you feel like crap. I am still working on him to target a TSH of 1.0 of lower. Anyway, yesterday I took the extra 20% and felt much better when I got up this morning, compared to the last week or so. Sorting out what is due to thyroid problems and what is due to removing carbs from my diet is not always easy, but the increased dose seems to be helping.

    We have also cut back on the volume of breakfast. I think we had gone a bit wild with eggs and bacon and ham (and some veggies, don't worry). So we are being reasonable, eating to satiety but not being excessive.

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    Just a quick update: 6 months in and 15 pounds down.

    Spring is coming along and I am getting more active, so continued strengthening is likely.

    Mr. Light is down about 7 or 8 pounds. He never had the dramatic loss I expected him to have, but he is not as low-carb as I am.

    So far, so good!

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