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Thread: Animal Pak Vitamin Supplement

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    Animal Pak Vitamin Supplement

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    Hello fellow athletes,

    Just a general question to all of those who utilize supplements ... I have been wondering about people's experience with Animal Pak vitamins. They seem to have everything needed to provide the body with what is needed for performance and recovery. I also take BCAA before working out fasted and have seen some improvements in my stamina. Any and all thoughts are welcome ... just trying to find the best vitamin and other supplements.

    Thank you in advance,


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    While I take them, they don't seem to make a big difference to me except making my piss yellow (I don't get enough sleep in general so any placebo energy boosts from the vitamins don't really work, or maybe the do work, which is why I stay up late). I did compare it to Mark's Master Control Damage Formula and the they're very similar with some differences here and there, so it can be used as a cheaper alternative.

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    I have recently switched to a vitamin/mineral liquid (gross but easier to swallow).
    I have a brand new tub of Animal Pak (44 paks) that I'm willing to sale for $15 through paypal.

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    I used to swear by Animal Pak and and the M stack back when I powerlifted in High School.

    I still feel animal pak is a great Multi vit

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