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Thread: Joe Rollino: 104-Year-Old Famed Strongman Dies After Being Hit by Car page

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    Not trying to drum up dissent, but under the "more than one way to be healthy" category is this:,2933,582814,00.html?test=latestnews

    He and Jack LaLanne... can't believe they never met.


    he was a lifetime vegetarian

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    I think we can all agree with his and LaLanne's diet that's free of processed stuff and refined sugar/starch, though. Certainly we may disagree on their "fat" stance, but no doubt they're great role models for eating whole foods and lifting heavy.

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    Yeah, exactly. It is the processed food they lacked in their diet more than the lack of meat that kept them healthy.

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    Good way to phrase it MRD and Dualhammer

    ... I wasn't suggesting that he was healthy BECAUSE he was a vegetarian--just that he was healthy AND a vegetarian. (good news for those of us still struggling with meat consumption; I'm only up to chicken twice a week)

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    We all gotta go sometime and somehow...if it's fast and I don't see it coming, that's how I want to check out when I reach 111!

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