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Thread: Weight Lifting

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    For the SL5x5 lovers out there I would strongly suggest looking up the website 'strength villain' and the linear program Grey Skull Linear Progression. Written by a stand up guy called JP (Johnny Pain). That will put size on you quicker than most programs even when diet is not perfect. I am saying that as a former and succeful user of Starting strength, DC training etc.

    The 'Villanous Challenges' are also cool to check out.

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    Need some advice here - about carb loading on workout days - i'm doing SL5x5 (which as some of you know - is a strength training programme) - and i've read this article => Carb Refeeding and Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple

    Regarding this link + what i've mentioned above :
    What are the main "quality / Primal-approved" sources of Carbs i can get my "load" from?
    Thanks a lot
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsa23 View Post
    Agreed. If you're lifting hard and heavy, 5 days a week doesn't give enough recovery time. If 5 days a week is lets you recover enough, you're probably not lifting heavy enough.
    This couldn't be truer.

    I've been exercising and working out for over 20 years and you have to have recover time for your muscles 24 hours to be exact. lifting heavy and hard only builds mass. if you want any type of definition you need to work more repetition less weight more recovery. If you post specifically your routine i.e. shoulders arms day 1 ... chest back day 2 etc. then you can receive better and more constructive criticism. If you are working all muscle groups for 5 days then you won't see results. You will break your body down to the point of injury.

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