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Thread: Challenge-Primal Vs. CW

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    As far as macros go, I'd say drop the fat down to moderate/low, keep the protein high or higher, and up your primal carbs if you're wanting to workout a lot.

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    For the record, take a full set of body measurements from both of you. That will be much more accurate than before/after photos.

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    PaleoAP, I second the suggestion to drop the fat on workout days. You might try having the beef and chicken on the workout day, and the fish and pork on the recovery day. Might want to save the olive oil for the recovery day too. I haven't done the math but expect that would segregate your macros a little more.

    Incidentally, I've been experimenting with grass-fed beef liver and veggies for dinner (with strawberries for dessert) on workout days, and though I've only done it once (last week), the results were outstanding. I leaned out noticeably overnight and kept it off this whole time. The only problems were that it tastes disgusting (to me) and that I had so much energy the next day that it was hard to take it easy. I'm doing it again tonight since today was my DL/Chin/Row day.

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    Strong advice Leida thanks for the input. I'll talk with her and see if she'll give it a try. The hardest part will be convincing her that fat is where its at! But I think I could persuade her to give it a shot! I will continue with my plan however and see where it takes me.

    And I will definitely lower the fat on workout days and up the carbs even more. I just get ridiculously full after consuming an entire squash in one sitting and STILL needing extra calories.

    Timothy-Where did you get the beef liver? And I'll definitely take some measurements.

    Thanks for the input everyone!
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