I just found out -- completely by accident, in the course of getting an MRI of my hip -- that I have endometriosis.

I know absolutely nothing about this. WTF is it? Is it something akin to PCOS? Is it hormonally driven? My periods are and have always been like clockwork and are very easy and short-lasting. I was out of whack hormonally when I first became Primal, but I thought I'd rectified all that by now.

Does anybody here have endometriosis (or know someone who has healed it)? I don't even know what type of healthcare practitioner to see to fix this up via natural means.

Is this something that can be healed via nutrition and exercise? Would fasting benefit?

What happens if I just let it be, as is? (It's early stage at this point.) I'm not having symptoms whatsoever. Am I in store for big, big problems further on down the line?

I will have to, as Stabby says, read until my eyes bleed. But I'd also like some wisdom from the tribe.