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    Off Primal Sleepiness

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    It was my aniversary this weekend and we went out to a nice restaurant that serves a lot of locally grown foods and such. It was lovely. I tried to stick mostly primal, but I did have an elaborate dessert and I'm sure some wheat got slipped in there somewhere.

    Anyhow, after dinner, I was overcome by sleepiness. Not just a relaxed feeling, but there was nothing that was going to keep me awake. I passed out on the sofa and slept for a good two hours. I've had this reaction before. Some suggest that this is a food allergy reaction. I had the same thing happen after binging on some of those Italian pizelles.

    Anyone experience this?
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    I hear you! This is what made giving up gluten fairly easy for me. If I get more than a trace amount, I pass out. And, I am still sleepy the next day. For years, I walked around exhausted. If only I had known...

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    My wife invited a bunch of friends over for a brunch today (she's a grad student, and today is Columbus Day, so no class). As a treat, we had waffles. With flour and syrup. I've been nodding all afternoon.

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