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I also need advice on this topic -- when I eat a "regular" day of chicken breast and salad with olive oil, eggs for breakfast, and a sensible Primal lunch, my 6:3 ratio (on PaleoTracker) is still 15:1 - way too high. But if I take a fish oil supplement, I'm back in the healthy range at 2:1. So why not supplement? I can't necessarily eat fish every day (I'm pregnant) and it seems like the best way to go. Not that I'm in to just popping a pill, but it seems like keeping that ratio in the healthy range is a serious challenge.
Your regular day might show a ratio of 15:1 but its a bit misleading. The ratio looks bad because there is hardly any n3 in there. But its still a lot better than someone eating a ton of nuts/PUFa's and having to supplement to get to a 15:1 ratio. I agree that supplementing with a good cod liver oil or fish oil isn't too bad especially if you are pregnant and have concerns.