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    How to combat the evening craving for sweetness?

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    Even though I haven't posted on this forum (lurker), I found this site absolutely invaluable, so far, for any information.
    I've gone as primal/paelo as I possibly can for a month now. I live in a small isolated outback town in the Australian desert, so I have to work with what's available. That's not my issue though.

    I didn't suffer from carb flu quite as badly as some do, but I had a very long transition into this. About six-eight months ago I weaned myself off a fierce energy drink addiction, and had slowly been scaling back on carbs anyway.
    I have a bucket load of weight to lose, but I've been losing weight nicely for the last month so no complaints there.
    Maybe the last week or so though, I've been craving sugar something chronic, I've just been recovering from tonsillitis, I think that might have been last of the toxic crap in my system, and my body just got overwhelmed as I was very stressed for a couple of days there ( trying to buy a house) but now I'm feeling fantastic. Except for the sugar craving.

    I eat plenty of fat, I'd be mainlining if I had any more, and I have decent amounts of protien. I have worked out that you need a decent amount to be satisfied.
    I do still have fruit but try to have it at lunch time, and if the sweet craving gets too much I will have some then too.
    I eat dried fruit very occasional, but it's like lighting a match when it comes to carb craving for me, so that's about to be eliminated completely.

    I'm about to go very low carb, to see if I can get rid of this niggle? Is this the right track? I'm always going have trouble with sugar, I think, as I was so severly addicted, I'm very lucky I haven't damaged anything too much yet. (even though I'm fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol were perfect, as was blood sugar and I'm healthily as a horse.)
    Any advice, tips, and pointers are welcome.

    P.s. I tend to talk in hyperbole, I eat a very balanced diet, just no wheat, grains, potatoes, as is the primal/paelo way.

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    I have the same issue and still have this issue that I want to eat something after dinner or I should say a couple of hours after dinner. I am thinking of trying a spoonful of cream to see if that makes a difference. My usual after dinner fare is berries with yoghurt but I want to try and cut that out, or what about some bacon or a spoonful of coconut. I from Oz to.

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    Hi, honestly, I would suggest just a little more fruit. More fat is not the answer to everything. Paleobird has started a really good post condensing a lot of info for newbies.

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    Go to Dr. Jack Kruse website, and try the leptin reset i was always craving sweets at night, on my eleven week of reset and no candy or sweets.

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    I had a very severe addiction to sugar; no matter what I ate, or how much/little I ate, or in what combinations. Nothing ever worked until I started taking 200ug of Chromium Picolinate at 3pm every day. It's been 9 days and I haven't had a sugar craving once in that time.

    It may not seem that impressive, but this is honestly the longest I have *ever* gone without NEEDING sugar. It works to stabilize your blood sugar thus preventing the dips that trigger cravings. For me personally it's been a life saver. L-glutamine is also supposed to be very effective and very fast (taking effect in as little as 5 minutes).

    Hope you find something that works for you! Sugar addiction is a b*tch to kick!!

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    Meat, and more meat. I don't have sugar cravings when I'm full, I eat a big dinner with lots of meat and then I'm so full I don't even think about sugar. After the first few weeks of no sugar after dinner, I was able to cut back on my dinner portions, by then the nighttime sugar cravings were mostly gone.

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    I had a post-meal issue with nuts- instead of sugar, I was ending every meal with a big serving of nuts three times a day! Someone on here suggested having a hot cup of tea (with coconut, cream or whatever yummies fit into your lifestyle) right after eating. It takes awhile to sip through it and by that time I feel full and satisfied!!

    Works like a charm.

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    Honestly (and only since you asked), I think the first thing you should try is cutting out all fruit for at least a week, preferably 30 days. You say, "I didn't suffer from carb flu quite as badly as some do" and that you think you'll always have a problem with sugar. But if you cut out all sugar (yes, *all* sugar), and let your body really get over it, I think you will be amazed at the way your taste buds recalibrate.

    Carrots are too sweet for me, for example.

    This gives an incredible range to newly-defined "sweet" treats, a million times lower on the carb/sugar trigger scale.

    There do seem to be a few people who don't re-set this way, but isn't it worth 30 days to see if you can get the sugar monkey truly off your back?
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    More thoughts.

    Errr, cut out all fruit, and went very low carb. Day 3 and I have no energy. Trying to decide wether I add some fruit back or not. Feel really crappy. Mind you, don't feel hungry either, LOL. Oi! The body is a sensitive instrument. Sigh.
    I might try the L-glutamine.
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    I'm sure others have helped some... I can tell you that I believe that MY nighttime sweet craving is conditioned (ie I grew up doing it and never quit the habit) so I'm trying to change that habit to drinking herbal tea instead. Don't know how it'll work.... I know some said just to eat a lot at dinner etc. but for me, being full doesn't stop the desire for sweets. Let me know how it goes... I'd love to end mine as well!

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