In some ways I'm lucky -- here in the UK where I live one can still easily buy lard and "beef drippings" (i.e. tallow) in the supermarket. It's right next to the butter. I've been enjoying using these since going primal, along with butter, organic ghee, extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Here's my question, though. These animal fats are certainly not "organic" and, like the money you pick up off the floor, "you don't know where it's been". Fat is where various ingested toxins, pesticide residues, etc. are stored. So should I, in fact, be using these commercial animal fats? Does the 80/20 rule play in here somehow? Should I only be cooking with animal fats if I have rendered them myself from organic, grass-fed meat? (something which I am striving to use more of ... and again, here in the UK we are lucky as more of the supermarket grade beef and lamb is at least partially grass fed; there's not really the feedlot system as in the US here, yet).

Any thoughts would be gratefully received!