I was asked in the comments section of my success story to give an average day eating for me and I thought this would be a better place for it. So here goes:

8:00 Breakfast- is typically 2 scoops whey, with a bunch of coconut cream mixed in. Its like DIY Primal Fuel. Then I go with a double shot glass of olive oil. That should be about 80g fat, 50g pro, and 10 g carb (~1000 cal).
11:00 Pre-workout 1: I have a fairly weak stomach when it comes to exercise and will get sick if I have much solid in my stomach, so I go with a scoop of whey and coconut cream blended in. That should be about 26 g fat, 30 g pro and like 10 carb (~400 cal)
1:00 Post workout 1: It should be noted that I suppliment maltodextrin for its ability to spike insulin levels here and increase glycogen replenishment. I suppose it could be also done with sweet potatoes, but either way what I'm after is something that will quickly spike my blood sugar. Also, a 4:1 carb to protein ratio has been shown to be optimal for both protien synthethis and glycogen replenishment, so I go with 80 grams or so of it. For 0g fat, 20 g pro, and 80 g carb (~400 cal)
Lunch: I usually eat a 1 pound package of grassfed hamburger. I have a local farmer whose stuff is just awesome. I also go with some berries and some broccoli. For this meal, its 60g fat, 90g pro and 20 g carb (~1000 cal)
5:00 Pre-workout 2: This is going to be the same as the first.
7:30 Post workout 2: This is going to be the same as before.
8:30 Dinner: Honestly I don't mind monotony that much, but its usually just some kind of meat, fried in some kind of fat and then some veggies. Melted butter on everything. But lets take last night, another lb of beef, and a spaghetti squash. I melted a stick of butter and dunked the hamburger in it lobster-style (Delicious BTW) and then melted more butter in the squash. This is usually my biggest meal since I don't have to worry about the work out duress at this meal. So its about 160 g fat and 90 g pro, and 30 g carb (~1500 cal)

So to wrap up,
------Fat - Pro - Carb - Cal
BK: 80 - 50 - 10 - 1000
WO1: 26 - 30 - 10 - 400
PWO1: 0 - 20 - 80 - 400
Lun: 60 - 90 - 20 - 1000
WO1: 26 - 30 - 10 - 400
PWO1: 0 - 20 - 80 - 400
Din: 160 - 90 - 30 - 2000
Total: 350 - 330 - 240 - 5600

Ratio 60/25/15

This is just an average day, and I did A LOT of rounding in the math, so nobody get too math-y on me, but I should be pretty close. Let me know if you have any questions.