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Thread: Cutting out treats?

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    Cutting out treats?

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    Anyone else here find they do best abstaining from "treats"? I'm incapable of consuming dark chocolate in moderation, so it seems easier to stay on track (and save money!) by cutting it out altogether.

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    I find that anything with a 'sweet' taste is a trigger food for me--including fruit--so I stay away from that type of treat.

    Everyone is different in terms of what they can tolerate. I've also found that abstaining can help with control. That's why I'm doing the 'no nuts' challenge for October. My consumption of almond butter was getting out of control, and I'm hoping that abstaining will help me control consumption in the future because I'd hate to give it up.

    But I was morbidly obese my entire life and am now at a 'normal' weight for the first time, so there's nothing I won't give up to stay here!

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    Yeah. I have the same problem. I can't just have one piece of chocolate. I have to eat the whole thing...
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    If I try cutting sweet things (fruit, dark chocolate) then I tend to binge a bit when they are introduced again. So now I am having a few pieces of fruit and some dark chocolate everyday, which stops me eating too much at once.

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    I am the same way as Zero with fruit. Even the thought of limiting them triggers a binge. But if I don't really put too much attention on it, and treat myself to expensive or seasonal veggies like brussel sprouts (I know I might be one of a few people out there considering brussels a treat, but it's a function of what was available in my childhood), I end up very close to the 2 servings a day. I have no problem with chocolate at all, and never really crave it (again, I am one of a relatively few people). I got that 99% bar, and it turned me off chocolate from a bar for a while. It is there in the pantry, but I can't face a thought of eating another square. I am thinking of a cup of ho chocolate though, will experiment with coconut milk and stevia...

    I am a big proponent of cutting out everything that cannot be controlled. Like, I love the idea of having my own home-made kefir and quark, but amazingly, cutting out all dairy prevents me from eating hard cheese. I start dairy, I start eating hard cheese... I stop dairy, I don't eat it, despite handling it pretty much every day for my family. That one is really weird.
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    I have a binge personality, too. My husband bought wine by the case, to save money. Last night, when he went to get a bottle for dinner, he found most of it missing. Uh oh! Was that ME!?! Now, at dinner, he pours me A GLASS and puts it away. I am the same way with nuts, chocolate, and RICE. I have to ration out the rice or ONLY eat it when eating out. I am glad I married someone with some self-control. Someone in this house needs it.
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    I usually put a quarter of the chocolate bar in my lunch bag every morning. Yesterday I was running late, didnt have time to open the new bar and break off a piece, so I tossed the whole unopened bar in the bag intending to portion it out before eating. You know the rest of the story.

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    Yup! I can't eat a piece of chocolate without eating the whole bar, even if it's not the sugary kind (99% scharffen berger...polished off 100g of that quite easily). I've not eaten a piece of chocolate for a week and I have been really successful with my carb count, and my weight has been decreasing, so I know this is a trigger food for me too At least there is still the other indulgence for me, cheese, that I can stop at after like half the block XD

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    I only do this when I've had a bit too much to drink and not enough to eat, but then it's not just the treats that I hit: I am likely to wake up the next day weighing a good 4-5 pounds heavier and wondering why my new carton of eggs is empty in the trash.

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    +1 on abstinence.

    Or, at least that would have been my unequivocable reponse a year ago. What I've found lately is that as time has gone by, my binge impulse is much, much reduced. My deamon food is chips. I indulge, but rarely. What I've found is that when I do, I knock it off pretty effectively at a reasonable consumption level. I imagine we are all different in this way too and the right answer is "whatever works for you". I'm strange because I hate substitutes. I read all these primalized recipies and they make me want to puke. I find doing without much more palatable. I love the permitted foods and just focus on what I can have rather than what I can't.

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