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Thread: Primal in Japan

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    Yeah, I agree about Japanese pastries. I had a serious obsession with melon bread when I lived there. And their chocolate is superb, even their cheap chocolate, I think for one reason because they use real sugar instead of corn syrup in it.

    I don't think there's a problem in finding enough choices, just in how much those choices will cost. In Shimonoseki, there was a huge fish market and we used to go down there sometimes and get amazing fresh fish. Not sure about the radiation now, but I'm sure there's lots of fish markets.

    I agree with wabbit about looks. I was a bit heavier then, but my red hair earned me many followers. I had a group of middle school girls at the mall who used to follow me around and beg me to take pictures with them in the photo booth. Elderly people would come up and pat my head, and comment on my blue eyes.

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    I've been in Japan 6 years, I'm fluent in the language and I've been paleo/primal about 3 years now. Got a blog going that you might find to be a useful resource. Shoot me questions on there anytime.


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    Love the blog; especially the info on finding grass fed / pastured products. Doesn't completely apply to me seeing as I like in Kansai, but it's still a boon. I've had a lot of trouble tracking down that kind of stuff myself despite also being fluent, so I tend to just go with Aussie beef, New Zealand lamb, premium eggs and milk, and branded domestic pork.

    Anyone out there with some info for western Japan?

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