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Thread: What did your "carb flu" feel like?

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    What did your "carb flu" feel like?

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    Hi folks,

    I'm 9 days into the transition to PB... and I have to assume what I'm going through is the "carb flu". I'm weak, somewhat tired, cranky, and HUNGRY. I could eat non-stop right now, it's ridiculous. (Yes, I'm eating fats and proteins, I know the drill!) It's a pretty irritating combination of actual physical hunger and straight-ahead food cravings. I don't even know WHAT I'm craving... it's everything. Oh my God, I hope this passes soon.

    Can any of you relate to this? I'm waiting for this boundless energy and fat burning to kick in... but all I want right now is to eat. And eat. And sleep. And eat. (I'm exercising some restraint -- as Mark mentioned in a post somewhere along the line, there was a woman drinking a can of coconut milk with dinner and wondering why she's gaining weight. So, although I know we're supposed to throw calorie counting out the window, I'm not being stupid about it. I'm definitely not indulging every single craving I'm having.)


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    For the first week, I would not be hungry but be craving food. It was weird. I just chowed down some random primal food stuff and dealt with it. Not a lot mind you, something like a handful of walnuts or a small piece of left over meat.

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    It never happend to me. Persistence landed me into emergency. If you feel like crap after a few weeks, I would recommend doing Paleo rather than Primal, with moderate carbs from good, healthful sources, and moderate amount of fat. Healthy living does not postulate super-low carbs.
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    I am one who has to cut carbs to lose, even primal. My carb flu was not a happy time, my daughter threatened to put warning flares around me. Once I got past the first week, I was in a much better mood. I was constantly munchy, grouchy and just feeling "off"
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    I think it took me a couple of weeks to get over carb flu. I was definitely tired and a bitch. I mean, more than usual...

    Anyway, I'm glad you're sticking with it. Give it just a little more time and you'll start noticing a difference.

    Oh, and I agree with JHen. It wasn't so much hunger as much as being fixated on stuff I knew I shouldn't have. For me, it was mostly the chocolate frosted donuts at 7/11. Couldn't get my mind off of them. The Boyfriend was starting to feel neglected because I really would have chosen that damn donut over him. Now I rarely think about the donuts, and The Boyfriend is #1 again.

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