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Thread: Knight Rider Army Wives Damages Damages Rookie Blue -Discount DVD

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    Knight Rider Army Wives Damages Damages Rookie Blue -Discount DVD

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    Knight Rider Seasons 1-4 DVD Mike is assigned to rescue a foreign Ambassador, who has been kidnapped. The kidnappers put them though several steps to secure the ambassador's release. Dr. Graiman and Sarah have their hands full caring for a sick robot. Army Wives Seasons 1-5 DVD Raw emotions cause each of the women to make drastic decisions about their future.
    Damages Seasons 1-4 DVD After her star witness is arrested, Patty strikes an unusual deal; Arthur Frobisher reveals too much of his past. Damages Season 4 DVD Nasim is accused of lying; Ellen enlists a war journalist to track down Chris in Afghanistan; and Erickson negotiates a land deal. Rookie Blue Season 1 DVD Andy and her training officer look for an informant whose cover is blown, and sparks fly along the way. The other rookies are involved in the hunt for a violent escaped convict.

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