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    im not sure how to continue.....

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    so i tried a paleo diet and lasted for a week before i started losing it and got back to carbs.
    i wasnt ready, and although i did try to consume as much meat as i can, and even added breakfast in the face of bacon(cured...) and eggs, i just found myself extremly hungry all the time untill i just lost motivation.
    i did purchased a book about cooking vegtables since then, but not sure how i should approach it so i wont face the same obsticles.
    unlike some people here who are trying to lose weight, im pretty skinny and im trying to combat fibromyalgia and acne.
    i was advised to start with no grains/no sugar/no dairy/no nightshades and then add the later after a month and see what happens.
    can i use organic butter as alot of recipes in the vegtables book use it?

    in my previous attempt, i was craving sugar really bad and at first consumed alot of dark chocolate untill i addedd more and more bad things.
    i though about going "cold turky" for a month but not sure if i can deal with it and affraid it will just cause me to lose motivation.
    ive been told i was hungry because of lack of fat and a spoon of coconut oil will make it go away....
    so what should i do?

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    That sounds really stressful. High fat dairy and nuts have been a good portion of my primal diet (along with fruits,veggies and meat.) The first two weeks were tough and then it got a lot better. I would say forget the ultra limiting rules and pick foods you enjoy. Maybe just start off cutting out processed sugar and grains and see if that works. I have had good improvement in my acne/skin even though I'm using lots of butter, cream & half & half. I had to do some emergency runs for fried and roasted chicken to get me through the first couple weeks. It helps me to plan out some meals and snacks weekly and make sure I have the ingredients in the house.

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    My gf went through the same thing. Adding back some rice and more non leafy vegetables, especially carrots, too care of her chocolate cravings

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    Have you specifically found that dairy and nightshades are an issue? Too extreme a change all at once can sometimes work against you. I agree with first just cutting out the sugar and grains and giving yourself time to adjust, then if you feel you need it cut out other things. Also, be sure you have plenty of OK foods on hand, figure out how to fix some veggie dishes before taking the plunge so it won't feel so overwhelming. Maybe primalize your meals as much as possible before going full on primal again so it won't feel like such a change.

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    Get back on that horse!

    Paleo doesn't mean "low carb", especially if you are skinny. If you have a sweet tooth, don't shy away from fruits and tubers (sweet potato, yams, yucca).

    But if you are trying to combat fibromyalgia and acne, I really would try the strict paleo advice you received (no grains/no sugar/no dairy/no nightshades). Butter should be fine, however, as it is almost 100% saturated fat and free of casein and lactose. No sugar doesn't mean no carbs, tubers are carbs but are low in glucose/fructose.

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    You should really read the book.
    My Fitday public journal.
    Me vs. Russian Boar, hunt is on Aug. 20th. WHAT'S MORE PRIMAL THAN THAT?!
    Recently survived Warrior Dash, New England.
    Game Developer, ex-Chef, long time Fatbody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davem View Post
    You should really read the book.

    Plus 1

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    And keep trying. Most of us don't go 100% the first time and have magic results. It's a process.

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    Yes, read the book and keep trying. You might fail a few times, so what, everyone does, but keep trying and it will happen for you.

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    Lifestyle change, and NOT a DIET!!!!! It takes time and patience. And yes, read the book. Good luck, and Grok On!!!!!

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