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Thread: Tim Ferriss - "The Last Mile" (losing the final 5-10 lbs)

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    Tim Ferriss - "The Last Mile" (losing the final 5-10 lbs)

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    I was curious what folks here thought about Tim Ferriss's ideas re: losing the last 5-10 lbs. Google Books appears to have the full text of this portion of his "The 4-Hour Body" book, which describes an eating plan where you eat a meal every 3 hours, with each meal selected from one of 5 options:

    "The Last Mile" book chapter

    Here is a blog post that describes it, in case Google's book preview happens to change:
    Four Hour Body - The Last Mile Diet |

    Not a lot of explanation provided by Ferriss for why this would work. It's mostly low carb and primal-ish but miles away from the type of meal frequency that the many IF'ers here advocate.

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    Eating more often in order to lose weight doesn't make any sense to me.

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