Hi everyone,

I'm Marc, and I created PaleoTrack, a food journal designed for The Primal Blueprint and the Paleo Diet. I've noticed that a few people in the forums are using my tool (thank you) and I was hoping you could give me some feedback here.

Do you prefer it over FitDay or the other food journals? What features would you like added, removed, or improved?

A little background about me: I discovered PB 2 years ago through the blog. Eventually, I bought Mark's book and completely changed my diet and lifestyle. Although I once was 50 lbs overweight, when I started PB I was only 15 lbs overweight and I was more interested in improving my chronic illnesses, like daily headaches, "gut problems", joint pain, brain fog, and energy crashes. Today I'm illness-free, 15 lbs lighter, and haven't felt this healthy in my whole life (I'm 36).

Before creating PaleoTrack, I used FitDay and was annoyed with its speed and its conventional wisdom advice. I hated seeing my saturated fat and cholesterol in the red zone every day! I wanted an equivalent tool that would instead tell me what interests me: Did I avoid poisonous things? Is my omega-6 to omega-3 ratio healthy?

If you haven't tried PaleoTrack, please do so (it's free) and give me your feedback. It's designed for us, so I want to continue improving it for our needs.

Thanks, and keep Groking it!