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Thread: Hitting the bottle

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    Hitting the bottle

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    Has anyone lost a significant amount of weight while still drinking? My drink of choice is red wine. I like to unwind with a glass or two of it a few times a week.

    I will experiment around to see if I still lose weight while drinking it, just wondering about other's experience with alcohol and weight loss.

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    hell yeah. i was still losing while drinking a bottle of red a week. i usually had one night a week where i would share a couple of bottles with a friend or two along with some great cheeses, cured meats, berries and dark chocolate. alcohol is a sensible indulgence...not something to go nuts with, but okay on occasion.

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    Hard cider is pretty difficult to find, so yeah, I've lost weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Good View Post
    Hard cider is pretty difficult to find, so yeah, I've lost weight.
    Really? You live in the wrong part of the country. It's in every liquor store here.

    I've lost a fair bit of fat while still drinking moderately. However, I avoid anything with a sugary mix (or the "diet" substitute). I still drink cider and wine, and I've also come to enjoy NorCal margaritas. Oh, and good single malt scotch, because any lifestyle without good scotch isn't worth living.

    One warning: many primals find their alcohol tolerance goes waaaaay down. Be aware that you may get smashed much more quickly than you're expecting.
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    +1 on the tolerance(makes it cheaper too:-)...Moderation, moderation, moderation, and you will be fine.

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    Wine is fine...getting drunk is not. Couple of glasses with for me.

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    Isn't the point to get drunk, lol?

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    I think if you have quite a bit to lose and you are truly determined to get it off, then I think it can thwart efforts, but if you're lean and got there from an active lifestyle and mindful eating then I say bring on the red wine. I drink a glass or two 6 nights out of 7 and I'm super lean.

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    I drink regularly and I'm losing weight. I've cut down for sure, but I still drink multiple nights a week. And not just a "glass of wine" kind of drink. I like to have a few and get a decent buzz going. I've switched to drinking a bit more whiskey and wine, but I still enjoy a few beers as well. (in fact I'm enjoying a couple right now.) When I know I'm going to drink I try to keep my calories for the day in check by being as moderate as I can stand with my food intake. Like maybe fast until 2:00pm or so and then just have a salad. Then eat a sensible dinner, don't go crazy on the fat and have a few drinks. I notice the scale go up on mornings after I drink (unless I'm really disciplined with food), but it drops right back down in the next day or two. As long as I'm making more progress on my good days than I'm doing damage on my bad ones, then I'm happy.

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    I have continued to drink, but I cut back from 2 craft beers a night (240 cal per bottle) to one or two a week, or I drink Mich Ultra Amber. I think about switching to red wine because I know it is healthier, but I enjoy the cold fizz.

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