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Thread: Primal Living While Depolyed

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    Has anyone ever tried to live Primal when they were deployed? It seems like everything in the dining facility is fried and breaded. Add onto that a 12+ hour workday and everything starts tpo go down hill

    What I would like to know is: Has anyone encountered similar issues before? How did you overcome them, eat healthy and stay motivated?

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    Mike- I tried this a couple years ago. Not specifically Primal, but just to eat healthy. The DFACs don't carry anything that healthy, and good luck trying to find anything not fried or junky.

    If your DFAC is KBR, you may have a better shot, but it also depends on where you are.

    I ate eggs and bacon for breakfast, tried whatever meat and veggies they had for the rest of the time. It was not easy. I just did what I could and did my best. Hope this helps.

    Keep your head down...

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    i tried to eat primal through BCT and AIT. Even that was harder than most people think. Avoiding the sweets was not hard, Drill Sgts don't like you taking a piece of pie anyway. hehehehe

    I agree with Eddie. Just stick to the "meat of the day" and whatever veggie they are serving. Make the salad bar your friend (if they have one).

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    Are you civilian or military? Because they have different dining facilities. The military is getting better, but if you're at a "bare-base" you'll be stuck with MRE's or UGR's, both of which have lots of fats like part. hydrog. stuff. They follow the standard USDA pyramid and are carb heavy.

    Pack jerky, nuts, sardines, dried fruit and some vitamins! The salad bar should be cool though...

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    Hah, it's still not enough for the amount of work they have to do. My husband is trying to be pretty healthy while he's at tech school, always eating at the salad bar. As far as the meat goes though, it sucks ass and probably riddled with hormones and antibiotics. It's amazing, you would think they'd want to feed them better food. I can't wait til he's on an AFB, they, from what I hear, have much better food than the other branches.

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    AFB are only somewhat better, it depends where you go (I'm in the AF). I'm going through tech school for the next 6 months or so, and I hate the fact that I'll have to eat even a month or two of that time at a chow hall. I ate once at my first tech school recently, the eggs clearly came from a carton, but they tasted like foam, bacon was undercooked and mostly fat and the coffee tasted like day old watered down junk. Usually they have a "meat of the day", which is mostly a variation of chicken, or a chicken type recipe. can't expect grass fed or even remotely natural food so you'll have to hen peck your food. Salad bar is a joke, wish they'd at least have some spinach to add some good protein to it.

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